produced with Britt Wray

meatRAVE is a banquet installation presented at the Megapolis audio festival at The New School, New York. Visitors were encouraged to sit at a table covered with foods attached to contact mics and play along to a dense soundtrack of loops and beats composed from the sounds of foods squeezed, cut, torn and recorded in a foley environment. The installation pointed towards ways in which food can be experienced in ways besides smell, taste and visual presentation. The sounds of meat and vegetables were offered as instruments each with their own texture and timbre. These sounds were combined, processed and built into an environment that echoes the sweat and physicality of a dance club. Food has always been a commodity, but through recording, digitisation and remix it becomes a commodity more open to manipulation and re-contextualisation. At the point of consumption, senses of taste, sound and location are melded and re-imagined into new forms.

The foods in this excerpt are, in order of appearance...

Raw beef
Raw onion
Cooked rice
Nuts with knife
Raw Salmon
Wet tofu
Roast lamb