Dial Stories

Dial Stories

Dial Stories is a spatial creative writing and short-range FM transmitter workshop and performance. It has taken place at X Marks the Bokship / Matt's Gallery in London, Project Radio / &other Gallery in Leeds and on the Multimadeira residency in Funchal.

The workshop is designed as a way to explore the potential of radio to construct, mediate and multiply place. Participants write in response to a given site. Their writing is then recorded and placed on short range FM transmitters built from hacked Raspberry Pis. Finally the group walks together around the site with handheld FM radios, exploring and amplifying both the existing radio spectrum and the elements they have added to it.

Throughout the workshop the participants are also exploring the potentials and limitations of radio as a transmission medium. Signals clash or are blocked by trees and buildings. Turning the body moves the antenna and pans for signals which are effected by other bodies in the space. The workshop provides a rich way of exploring both the narratives which compose the site and the meanings created by radio as a technical object.

The project was presented at xCOAx conference in July 2016. Proceedings available here [pdf].