Walking With Satellites

Walking With Satellites

This ongoing project works with reflective walking workshops to try and build a new mythology for the GPS satellite network. Most uses of GPS concentrate on navigation, time-keeping and social media, but this is just the tip of an iceberg of meaning. How are meanings around place constructed, not by the user, but by a network of satellites, ground stations, sensors and physical and political topographies? How does meaning emerge across the infrastructure? What new stories can we tell about GPS beyond the presence of a blue dot on a map? How does the constant presence of our devices and the spatial networks they are connected to alter our sense experience? The collective term for an array of satellites is a constellation. How could we re-name and re-narrativise a constellation of satellites in the same way our ancestors did for the stars?

This project has been presented in a number of forums with a number of different focuses. In each case what is constant is the use of a walking workshop followed by a period of reflective writing and drawing to try and tease out the meanings both which are implicit in and possible to draw from the GPS network. This technique also forms part of my PhD research in Media & Arts Technology at Queen Mary, University of London. Links to the PhD thesis and the articles that emerged from this research can be found here.

The Culture Capital Exchange, Somerset House (London) (documentation) 2017

Sound Development City (Madrid / Casablanca) (tumblr) September 2016

Peoples' History Museum (Manchester, UK) August 2016

Made of Walking Residency (Delphi, Greece) (pdf documentation) July 2016

AntiUniversity (London) (CC licensed research data) June 2016

The Culture Capital Exchange (London) April 2016

Nordic Summer University (Gothenberg) March 2016