Chris Wood’s art practice and research work centres on the ways in which sensory technologies construct space, texture and rhythm, both on an individual, phenomenological level and across networks. These concerns are rooted in the role microphones play in sound art and field recording, but have expanded to include other spatial technologies including GPS. A parallel career as a radio producer informs this work, with speech, narrative and reportage acting as key pillars in his practice. He also works professionally as a sound designer for The New York Times and the Guardian’s Audio and Multimedia departments. He is currently completing a PhD in Media and Arts Technology at Queen Mary, University of London, UK and has exhibited installations and workshops internationally in Europe and North America.

Contact: chris [dot] peter [dot] wood [at] gmail [dot] com



PhD in Media Arts Technology: Queen Mary, University of London 2013-2017
Research Resident: Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design 2014
Podcast Producer Audio Engineer Practicum: The Banff Centre, Canada 2012-2013
Diploma in Sound Art and Design: London College of Communication 2010-2011
Masters in World Cinemas: University of Leeds 2005-2006
Bachelors in Philosophy: University of Leeds 2001-2005

Exhibitions | Residencies

SPACE Art & Technology Residency Programme, London, UK 2018
Zaratan Gallery Residency, Lisbon, Portugal, 2018
Project Anywhere: Global, Peer-Reviewed Exhibition 2017
Sound Development City: Madrid - Casablanca 2016
Made of Walking: Delphi, Greece 2016
Spatial Machines: Manchester People’s History Museum, UK 2016
Walking with Satellites: Antiuniversity Now!, UK 2016
MultiMadeira: Funchal, Portugal 2015
Dial Stories: X Marks the Bokship @ Matt’s Gallery, London &Model Gallery, Leeds 2015
Oscillating Cities: iMal, Brussels | Sonar +D, Barcelona 2015
Kartel on Kartel: InSonoraFestival, MuseoReinaSofia, Madrid 2014
meatRAVE: Megapolis Festival, The New School, New York 2013
Practice Grounds: Banff Park Museum, Canada 2013

Radio Arts

Between Sounds: Osso | Stress.fm 2013
A Short History of Acoustic Ecology: Basic.fm | Resonance FM 2013
Heygate Heaven: The New Statesman 2012
Cosmopolination: Resonance FM 2011

Sound Design and Engineering (Radio and VR)

The Daily: The New York Times 2018-2019
First Impressions: The Guardian 2017
Between The Lines: BBC Radio 4 2017
Underworld: The Guardian 2016
Camera Off: The Guardian 2016
The Biggest Story in the World: The Guardian 2015
Edge of the World: ABC 2014
London Sound Drops: BBC World Service 2012

Conferences | Publications

GPS Tarot: Encounters with Satellites as Divination Tools: Designing Interactive Systems, 2017.
What Lies Above: Alternative User Experiences Produced Through Focussing Attention on GNSS Infrastructure: Designing Interactive Systems, 2017
Sensing, Walking and Embodiment With and By Technologies [track convener]: 4S/EASST, Barcelona, 2016
Expanding Sonic Imagination in Design Practices with Architectural Soundwalks: International Congress on Acoustics, 2016
Dial Stories: The Hybridisation of Site Using Radio as a Locative Technology: xCOAx, Bergamo, 2016
Edges of Location: Infrastructures and Practices of Locative Technology in the City: Architecture Media Politics and Society, 2016
The Lines Beneath Your Feet: Representing Urban Protest Through Sound: Leonardo Music Journal, 2015
Nine Elms [audio]: Invisible Cities Conference, Portugal 2014
Walking on Slow Scree [audio]: Symposium for Acoustic Ecology, UK 2012


Digital Anthropology MA, University College London, 2018
The City Centre, City of London, 2017
Queen Mary University of London, 2014-2017
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design, 2014-2015
David Game College, London, 2011-2012
Osaka Municipal College of Art and Design, 2008-2010